What I Do

icon: Web site developement

Web Sites

Looking for a website design that is efficient and clean? Here at reageek we take websites very seriously. All web sites start off with an initial meeting where we can address your needs as well as your audience's needs of the site. Then very carefully we take your ideas and needs to create a design that will not only wow you but your customers! Every site comes with branding help and advice, a custom design, mobile compatibility, some support for content creation and oodles of other fun stuff! Intrested? Get in touch for a free consutation!

icon: web appliaction development

Web Applications

Need a CMS or a web program? I use a varitey of technologies such as AJAX PHP and Jquery to build applications that work flawlessly together and look good. As well, with the power of MVC frameworks these applications run fast and smooth without being hard on your server! So don't delay, let us meet up to talk and build something glorious together!

icon: print and design work

Print & Graphics

In the past, I have had clients like their designs so much they've asked for print resources too. I have done everything from posters, to letter heads, right down to business cards. In making graphics I take the time to carefully plan your designs using colour theory and principles of design which I then throw into the shaker with both our imaginations to create a graphic everyone will love!

Who I Am

I am a 21 year old geek living currently near Lindsay, Ontario. Originally born and raised in Scarborough, my family moved to the Lindsay area in my late childhood and I have been there ever since. Eventually my curiosity in computers led me to web design. Recently, I graduated from Fleming College, which I attended to learn more about design and development. At the end of two years, I still crave to learn more and have been teaching myself in my spare time. I have always been an individual to try to do things differently than others. Every day I wake up try to learn something new or do something differently. I almost literally live, breathe and sleep code.

In my spare time you can often find me muttering at code, building some random creation in minecraft, going out with friends or glued to the tv watching the next episode of the Walking Dead (come on we are all guilty).

My Manifesto

I have a few beliefs / sayings that I feel are the core of myself and my work:

  • "You'll never stop learning. Ever."

  • "If you don't know how to do something, you should start trying it now."

  • "If you can't have fun doing something then there is no point in doing it."

  • "It is not the mistakes that define a persons success; its what they make of them afterwards."

My Vision

I have a plan of various small steps. To reach my goal: I want to contribute a product to the community of developers and designers that will be used by future generations of coders. Something at the end of it all I could say I built this. A claim to fame I guess you would call it.What exactly at this point? I'm still trying to figure that part out.

However, one does not go from student to mastermind over night. My other goals would be in order:

  1. Get my feet wet. I think it would be an invaluable experience to be able to contribute to a part of a design studio or a pod.

  2. Inspire someone else to create an amazing site or application.

  3. Make a site that wins the site of the day award.

What I've Done

  • Project: Community Innovation Forum

    This site was for an organazition that give reconignition to students who have developed projects that benifit the local community of Peterborough.

    It was created by a team of three individuals. My contributions were the customizations of the Jquery slider, the content for the slider, the logo, and a fully featured cms system using php, jquery and ajax. In addition this was the first site I have ever collaborated on using version control.

    In addition, this project had the most demanding client I have ever had. However, it was an amazing learning curve on dealing with clients, setting scope and developing for an individual that had high expectations.

    The site can be found at communityinnovation.ca .

  • Project: Icemans Video Games

    A local business approached me and asked if I could do a free site for them. I said challenge accepted! Iceman Video games is a small buy−and−sell store located on Kent Street in Lindsay. They are plenty more then just a video games store.

    This as a project was another huge learning experince: I created my first cms from scratch using just php.I also learned a valuable lesson about backing up work during a project. Unfortantely just as the site was finished up the only copy of it was forever lost( hard drive failure).

    Currently this site is being remade and I hope for it to be up very soon.

  • Project: 24 Hour Exam

    This was my 3rd semesters exam that I absolutely loved. Why? The pressure. Every class member was given an extremely limited amount of content and 24 hours to create a web site based off that very content.

    During this project I took a huge risk and did something I had never done: a jquery mosaic tile effect (think Pinterest) that really payed off and looked smooth.

    This project was more my start into j-query and its possiblities to manipulate and format content. At the end of it all it left me investigating more techniques!

    A live link can be currently found at http://plan9.flemingc.on.ca/~rmcfadde/exam/

  • Project: Old Portfolio

    This is my old portfolio during college. There was many things I liked about it however, it just never totally felt like me.

    The site was created based off a fixed website tutorial. Instead of following the guide I had found I strived to make everything mobile and user friendly. This was my first big step into responsive design as well as liquid css.

  • Project: Jewlery Store

    This is a project from school where we had to make a shoping cart from scratch in php. While the styling and look was lacking, it made up for it with functionality. The site had product lines driven off of customizations of products. For example, you could have one ring, with many combinations: materials, stones, size, etc. After a few hours of entering possible product variations it became apparent I was way over my head with 5 days left to build the thing. Hence why it looks rushed.

    The site featured full cart and checkout functionality including paypal and credit card payment options, as well as dynamic price updates using ajax based off option selection. Also, it included things like sticky forms, and auto validation on forms.

Sorry if you are seeing this there is a problem. Normally there is a map here to my current residence.