Studio-N I would say has been the highlight of my career so far; I really enjoyed working with the warm folks there. While working there I worked along side another programmer and some super talented graphic designers to maintain, update, create some really beautiful Wordpress sites.

Check them out!

Artbox (Now Marketing Refuel)

The first place I could call home after finishing college. At the time the company was called artbox and had a wide variety of clients which meant a wide variety of sites and needs. I worked with the project manager and owner to provide solutions for other company's based mainly in Joomla and Wordpress. Duties included front end design, installing and configuring components/plugins or modules, graphics, site migration, and seo.

Project: Community Innovation Forum

This site was for an organization that give recognition to students who have developed projects that benefit the local community of Peterborough.

It was created by a team of three individuals. My contributions were the customization's of the Jquery slider, the content for the slider, the logo, and a fully featured cms system using php, jquery and ajax. In addition this was the first site I have ever collaborated on using version control.

In addition, this project had the most demanding client I have ever had. However, it was an amazing learning curve on dealing with clients, setting scope and developing for an individual that had high expectations.

The site has changed a lot since then as the needs of it were also changed. However it can still be found at .

Project: The Midnight Jeweler

This was the final project from school where we had to make a shopping cart from scratch in php. While the styling and looks were lacking, it made up for it with functionality. The site had product lines driven off of customization's of products. For example, you could have one ring, with many combinations: materials, stones, size, etc. After a few hours of entering possible product variations it became apparent I was way over my head with 5 days left to build the thing. Hence why it looks rushed.

The site featured full cart and checkout functionality including paypal and credit card payment options, as well as dynamic price updates using ajax based off option selection. Also, it included things like sticky forms, and auto validation on forms.


In the past I have signed nondisclosure agreements for both clients and work places to protect any sensitive information or planning regarding products. Unfortunately, this makes my past projects seem emptier than it should.

However, I am willing to take part in challenges or assessments to demonstrate my skill set. I ask that you respect the privacy of my past clients, and not ask me break nondisclosure agreements regarding their work. As I do not believe tarnishing my reputation for securing new work.