I would say that my career in tinkering started early. As a child I was always taking things apart, wanting to know how they work and why they worked. Even my own treasured playstation was fair game to be taken apart and figured out. As I grew up, I naturally I discovered the world wide web and I was astounded. At that point I knew the web would be the new playground to tinker in.

I spent many years in high school wrangling with some pretty terrible table layout style sites. In the early stages of responsive design I was dumb-founded, and headed off to college to learn how to fight hydra of problems that I couldn't find solutions to. During college I learned a lot, and I still learn a lot every day.I think the biggest thing I've learned over my career is realizing that creating websites and applications is not just about my own growth and tool set, but is about using my tool set to help others reach their vision.

Now I am seeking to work freelance with clients again, while looking for a new home to continue to further my experiences. If I sound like the kind of person you are looking for to help on reach your vision please get in touch with me. If you're a potential employer looking for something more longer term please do check out my resume.


September 2011 -
May 2013
Fleming College
Web Design & Internet Applications Diploma

Attended full time for a wide variety of web related courses.Including: Intro & Advanced HTML, UX/UI design, Intro & Intro & Advanced PHP, Project Management, Adobe Suite, New & Emerging Tech and Database Fundamentals.

September 2006 -
July 2010
Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute
High School

Took Computer Tech courses all through high school. Gained experience in video editing, hardware replacement & matience, basic trouble shooting

My Development Toolbox

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